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Restylane Contour

Restylane Contour Before & Afters

Restylane Contour® is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler injected into the cheeks to increase fullness and restore volume in the midface.

The main ingredient in Restylane Contour, hyaluronic acid (HA), is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body that supports skin moisture, volume and elasticity. The filler also contains a small amount of lidocaine, a local anesthetic used to numb the skin and minimize pain. Restylane Contour is crosslinked with BDDE, an ingredient that helps form a network of hyaluronic acid and create a long-lasting gel filler. 

Natural results

Increased fullness

Restored volume

Natural results
Increased fullness
Restored volume

How it Works

How it Works

Over time, facial skin loses its elasticity and volume, causing the face to droop and shift downwards. In addition, facial features may become hollow. Treatment with Restylane Contour is designed to temporarily add fullness to the cheeks and restore volume to the midface in patients over the age of 21. Results may last up to 12 months. 

During Your Consultation


You and your specialist will discuss your medical history, including questions about prior cosmetic procedures, surgeries, illnesses, and medications.


You and your specialist will discuss your desired treatment results.


The provider will examine your face and determine whether Restylane Contour could help achieve your aesthetic goals.


Your specialist will explain what you should expect during and after the injections.


The provider will photograph the treatment area so that results can be clearly seen.

What To Expect

Woman receiving Restylane Contour injections

A typical Restylane Contour procedure will be performed in the following way:

  • The skin will be cleansed prior to injection.
  • The specialist will use a cream or ointment to numb the treatment area.
  • The provider will administer the first injection and pause to allow the anesthetic in the filler to continue numbing the area around the injection. The lidocaine in the Restylane Contour has been shown to significantly reduce the pain and discomfort that may occur with a dermal filler gel injection.
  • The specialist will continue administering the injections until the treatment area shows the desired results.
  • After each injection, the provider will gently massage the treatment area to ensure the dermal filler gel has been evenly distributed and appears natural.

After treatment with Restylane Contour, patients may experience temporary redness, pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, and itching. 

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